Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Read a book at Le Wolf

Among the trees

Have you been to Le Wolf yet? What are you waiting for? With Brussels firmly in the grip of an icy January, I love nothing more than to cozy up with my little one and a book. And some cake and coffee. And there should also be a tiny cinema there playing delightful short films. Sounds a little specific? Well luckily, there is a wonderful children’s book store that foots the bill.

Le Wolf is tucked away behind Grand Place at Rue de la Violette 18. When you come in, you are immediately struck by the whimsy of it all with floor to ceiling birch trees, rows of bright books, wonderful art and a little house/cinema all nicely laid out for your pleasure. They do of course have loads of wonderful books in French and Dutch (practice makes perfect :-)). The cinema also plays short films for 2 EUR a go.

If you fancy a cake or coffee there are always several yummy looking ones in the little cafe.

But I have saved the best for last! There is a reading room in the back where you can relax on beanbags or a couch (very convenient for nursing as well) and read until your heart’s content. I really love this place! Check it out when you need to get that ball of energy out of the house but don’t want to freeze your face off. Salut!

Tickets please – a most charming children’s cinema
The perfect reward for good behavior
Welcome to Cafe Whimsy
Endless possibilities
I love books!
I think I’ll take that one…

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