Dancing in Light


Leaps and Bounds
Leaps and Bounds

Sweden has become a home away from home. The place I was married, where my children have celebrated every Christmas, and a home base of sorts while San Francisco remains so far away. This summer found us indulging in truly lazy days. Swimming, walking, eating and “chillaxing” as my little ones put it.

Sweden is also a place full of inspiration. We did several fun sessions but this one is my favorite. Water, wildflowers and golden light as the sun dipped down. I marveled to see how my little ones have grown. This session also felt bittersweet, missing a beloved family member, as we lost my father-in-law to cancer this summer. His absence explains the somewhat melancholy mood with my son summing it up perfectly, “I miss Farfar”.

So delight in the sun and seize each chance for love while we dance in the light.

Dancing in light
Happy man
Dancing in light-3
Circle of love
Dancing in light-4
The elder
Dancing in light-6
Golden Girl
Dancing in light-7
Holding things together
Dancing in light-8
Dancing in light-10
This is us now
Dancing in light-12
Dancing in light-14
Dancing in light-15
Missing you
Dancing in light-16
Do even ask!
Dancing in light-17
Dancing in light-18
Min man
Dancing in light-19
Dancing in light-20


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