Your vote counts! Help pick the perfect image for the Brussels Baby Book

B&D ad final (3 of 4)
And the winner is!

Dear friends and unsuspecting test audience. You vote counts! My lovely and brilliant friend Nina Peacock recently penned a very helpful go-to guide for being pregnant in Brussels called the Brussels Baby Book. Being as how things are prone to change rapidly around here, she is up for a second addition coming out soon. Nina has kindly asked if Bear & Dragon Photography would like to make its advertising debut in said pages. Of course! So I collected my favorite model and captive audience, Zoe, and here are the fruits of our labor/fun.

Here is where you come in: I have four very different images and not sure which to choose. Please vote! Just add your thoughts in the comments. THANK YOU.

#2 Seriously though, I am the cutest
#3 In your dreams suckers
#4 The angel face always wins

13 thoughts on “Your vote counts! Help pick the perfect image for the Brussels Baby Book

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I love them all. I especially love picture no 1 – Miss Universe in the making although I especially love the images of Zoe looking up as the snow is coming down (a previous post). You’re going to do very well as a photographer. Dalia

  2. It is absolutely unfair of you to require picking…”Z” if the cutest baby in every picture. I show here picture around just so everyone knows what first place looks like. But…if you tickled my toes for at least an hour i would chose Number 1. Love ya’ll, Dad

  3. Now I know how it must feel to pick Miss Universe, as in challenging! I can see I’m odd man out, because I’m going with the cuteness behind door #4. One cannot pick badly however, as all pictures of Zoe are winners.

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