Who I am

A bear and a dragon go to Brussels in search of love, life and adventure. I moved to Brussels from San Francisco in the summer of 2009 to give love a chance with my Swedish bear, Björn. In an expat rich environment it is easy to miss the nooks and crannies where time stands still in Belgium. My mission is to capture these moments for you. To share the great things I have found and to make your life easier as a new expat/mother/adventurer.

2012 was a BIG year with the birth of our Bababoo and of Bear & Dragon Photography, launched as beautiful adventure in newborn, baby, child and family photography. I am passionate about pushing through the limits of studio photography to capture real and poignant moments full of light and love. I work in my client’s homes, the great outdoors and the bright and lovely Bear & Dragon Studio. I am excited to create incredible images of families and little ones here in Brussels and beyond. I hope you enjoy my blog and my adventure.


4 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Hi there!!! I just run into your blog, let me tell you something when I read “To share the great things I have found and to make your life easier as a new expat/mother/adventurer.” it’s making my moving to Belgium much easier!!! I am currently living in Manchester UK, after 4 years, we (husband and mi LO) are moving to Belgium, we are not clear where about yet. My son is 13 months and sending him to a nursery or something like that it is making me very anxious!!! there is also the language barrier I am really struggling with the french!! =P I will keep reading your blog and learning about places to take my son.
    BTW! Im also a photographer, families, kids, love in general!
    Nice pictures!!! can’t wiat to see more =)


    1. First of all, I have found this blog to be so helpful and has become my go-to site for all things Brussels and kid related!
      Secondly, Natalia, I wanted to comment as I am in the exact same position only doing it 2 years or so later… After 3 years I have just moved from Manchester to Brussels with my husband and 2 young kids (now 2.5 & just turned 4)! I too am about to send our youngest to a local French speaking maternelle and my French is pretty non-existent at the moment.
      We moved here in February but I have been travelling back and forth to Manchester for a job at the Royal Exchange (I’m a theatre director). I have found it quite tough to meet people and find stuff to do with the kids but hoping now my job is finished I will find it easier. The main thing I am struggling with is meeting other mums. In Manchester there I had a great group of friends and we used to meet in cafes or each other’s homes etc, I miss that!
      I’m curious how you have settled here now, after 2 years or so right?

  2. I appreciate much your talent of photographer. I animate a blog devoted to Brussels (Bruxelles-Bruxellons) and I would like to be able to use two or three of your pictures taken on the site of Marie’ S Garden which I find very beautiful (with, of course, mention of your copyright). I hope that you will give me your consent. Cordially, Yours sincerely

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