A Dance in the Sakuras: A *New* bear and Dragon spring adventure

Is it spring yet?! On sunny days like these, if you squint your eyes and don’t go outside it can almost feel like we have rounded the corner to warmer days. Alas, much winter lies ahead but to fill your heart with springy love, let’s flash back to last year’s test run for A Dance in the Sakuras. A surreal setting that honestly feels like dancing in pink clouds. You will find me on this vibrant and beautiful lane this Spring for one of our 2022 Spring adventures.

If you are not already on the advance notice list for Bear and Dragon Adventures, set me a note! This gets you access to upcoming dates and times before they are publicly announced. Given early interest, I am absolutely sure this one will sell out quickly. Drop me a line at BearandDragonPhotography@gmail.com.

Merry and Bright: A Bear and Dragon Adventure

When I first started thinking about what makes for a special holiday location, the answer was of course adventure, fun, sparkly things, love and a field of Christmas trees. Thus launched the search for just the right grove, not too far, featuring a charming collection of future Christmas Trees and the most tricky, somewhere I could located the farmer to ask permission! The first attempt, I must admit, was a bit of a failure. Check out our Perfectly Imperfect holiday session from 2016. Next year was a little better. Test shoot went great but having waited for a timely November date, when the day came, it was windy, almost freezing temperature and at about an hour drive away in the end, I had to cancel. Lesson learned!

Having learned from these failures, I finally found the right formula, a balmy mid-October date and instead of an hour drive, I was incredibly lucky to find a PERFECT little farm right in Zemst, only 25 minutes north of Brussels. And thus was born Merry and Bright, a Bear & Dragon Adventure.

Styled for the holidays but laid back enough to qualify as a family session location, Merry and Bright is truly a joyful and fun event I count the days down to each year. Check out some of the previous year’s snaps. Hope you can join us!

The best places of all: Parc Tournay-Solvay

La, la, la, eh hem, ok all warmed up again. 🙂 Today I write another love letter, this time to an art nouveau master piece that, as with many beautiful places in Brussels, brings you back to another time. Walking in Parc Tournay-Solvay feels like a magical portal straight to the 20’s. I love it in every possible way.

Originally a property of the other Solvay brother, playboy Alfred, the property was developed in 1878. It is located in Watermeal-Boitfort, just steps from the local train station. Over the years it grew to include not only the now ruined castle-like residence but a breathtaking rose and flower garden, dreamy art nouveau-inspired lake and bridges and an abundant apple orchard and potager. Today the property is maintained as part of the “Promonade Vert” system.

This is hands-down one of my favorite photo locations in the Brussels area. Each family that has joined me there has been wowed by this somewhat hidden gem. Usually quiet even on the sunniest summer weekend. I can’t recommend it enough to you not only as a place for our next meeting but as a beautiful treasure to explore the next time you want to get slightly out of town and enjoy a picnic or walk in a a time gone by. Enjoy!

Silver Bells: a *new* Bear and Dragon holiday adventure

As far as I see it, you can either buy a cloth or paper backdrop that replicates an elegant Christmas scene, or you can rent a castle to achieve the same thing. I can tell you which I prefer! And with that in mind, I am excited to share the location of our newest holiday adventure, Silver Bells.

Set in the breathtaking Chateau de la Hulpe of Royals fame, Silver Bells will find us dressed to the nines and surrounded by holiday splendor. A classic holiday stair case, beautifully decorate Christmas tree and some sparkly surprises. Our first date of November 14 has already sold out so we added another. I hope you join me on October 17 for this celebration of the season.

Of course we had to get a jump on the planning and luckily the Chateau opened its doors for a little planning session yesterday. The main missing thing would be the tree. Impossible to find in September but sure to be beautiful and Grand in November. Merry days ahead!

*Special note: All children were compensated with ice cream.

Our family album: Field of Dreams

You might be surprised to find, tucked just off a small lane in Anderlecht, a Field of Dreams. In the shadow of Brussels and just out of reach of the busy buzzing of city life, this five acres of paradise is teeming with color, texture, and beauty. An effort on the part of the “for us, by us”, buy local and home grown movement, the fields of Les Genereuses grow flowers (and dreams) right here for Brusseloirs to deck their halls and bring light and love to their homes. If you have an event coming or just love beautiful and lovingly grown flowers like me, contact Caroline through her website here.

I am proud to offer this wonderful space for a brand new summer adventure session. Join me on August 15 for this very special event, Field of Dreams.

Welcome little man


Mr Boy FB-5

Its fall again and I love it. I had a wonderful afternoon working my way through this wonderful session. Although technically a newborn session, I love the way it tells the story of the whole family as they welcome this sweet boy into their fold. Welcome, Treten! Mr Boy FB-2Mr Boy FB-3Mr Boy FBMr Boy FB-4Mr Boy FB-6Mr Boy FB-7Mr Boy FB-8Mr Boy FB-9

Dancing in Light


Leaps and Bounds
Leaps and Bounds

Sweden has become a home away from home. The place I was married, where my children have celebrated every Christmas, and a home base of sorts while San Francisco remains so far away. This summer found us indulging in truly lazy days. Swimming, walking, eating and “chillaxing” as my little ones put it.

Sweden is also a place full of inspiration. We did several fun sessions but this one is my favorite. Water, wildflowers and golden light as the sun dipped down. I marveled to see how my little ones have grown. This session also felt bittersweet, missing a beloved family member, as we lost my father-in-law to cancer this summer. His absence explains the somewhat melancholy mood with my son summing it up perfectly, “I miss Farfar”.

So delight in the sun and seize each chance for love while we dance in the light.

Dancing in light
Happy man

Dancing in light-3
Circle of love

Dancing in light-4
The elder

Dancing in light-6
Golden Girl

Dancing in light-7
Holding things together

Dancing in light-8

Dancing in light-10
This is us now

Dancing in light-12

Dancing in light-14

Dancing in light-15
Missing you

Dancing in light-16
Do even ask!

Dancing in light-17

Dancing in light-18
Min man

Dancing in light-19

Dancing in light-20


Apple Harvest: Its that time again

apples 21

It has been a bittersweet year but beautiful summer. The little ones are growing and we spent the summer taking long walks, chilly swims and eating way too many cookies up in Sweden (pictures to come!).

As summer ripes, so do the Apples in my favorite orchard and I am so excited to return once more for the Apple Harvest session.

Date to be released shortly but think end of August, early September. Some gorgeous pictures from last year to get you excited. 🙂

apples 28
On the move

apples 26
Hello up there

apples 6
The fashion plate

apples 5

apples 4

apples 3
Apple picking

apples 2 kiss

apples 2
For a ride

Looking up


The Best Places of All: Groenendaal

Groenendaal blog
A touch of magic

Sometimes everything just comes together. A beautiful evening, a playful and relaxed family and a gorgeous location. Groenendaal is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for photo sessions. We visit every season, whether to spot mushrooms and wildflowers, to throw sticks in the ponds or to marvel at bubbles trapped in ice.

The wild open space is perfect for a photo session with its ancient beech forests, long lakes and wide meadows. Great at any time of day but best at the golden hour, of course!

Groenendaal blog-6

Groenendaal blog-4
Little girl in the big world

Groenendaal blog-3
Lovely you

Groenendaal blog-5


Groenendaal blog-8
The moments with you and me

Groenendaal blog-7

Groenendaal blog-9
How it all began

Groenendaal blog-10
My hero