Bear & Dragon Birthday Parties: Why didn’t I think of that?


girl power party-2
Party time!

When Inna contacted me to ask if I had ever considered being a part of birthday parties, I had a literal palm to forehead moment. Now I had documented birthdays before as more of an observer of the action but this was something entirely different. A one hour photo session which was the highlight and entertainment of the party. And with five nine year old girls, what could be more fun?!

They brought a ton of energy and a suitcase full of dresses. I provided loads of polka dot balloons and some really fun games and we had a beyond fabulous time. Ahh to be nine again!

This is a perfect idea for I would say 6 – 14 year olds and perhaps best suited to girls although I could be wrong and would love to try this with a group of boys.

Party on ladies!

girl power party-3
Celebrate us

girl power party-4

girl power party-5
All together now
girl power party-6
girl power party-7
girl power party-8
girl power party

Things to do with a child in Brussels: Make believe at Legenturia

The Legend Begins

If you find yourself making an IKEA or Orchestra run out to Zaventem then maybe you have already seen the curious new building with a rather large dragon perched on top. Brand new to the Brussels play and birthday circuit, Legenturia is packed from top to bottom with really cool soft play everything and a sure fire hit for the 3+ set.

One rainy Sunday, lacking plans and decent enough weather for an outing, we decided to drop in and check it out. Arriving just as they opened, we were treated to nearly an hour of the full run of the place. Logically priced at free for under 3, 9,5 EUR for 3 – 18 years and 3 EUR for adults, you receive a wrist band when you enter which gives you access to all the areas of play. The ground floor is dominated by bowling and a maze of super cool bouncy castles. Five in total, if I remember correctly, this was really a highlight for us. The kids bounced, ran, climbed and bombed down the air slides until the rowdier older set got in on the action. Still a good run but at 2 and 4 years old, they could not quite compete.

No problem because there was much more to explore. Upstairs we went to the Zone of Ideas and lots more fun. A small snack bar, paddle boating, gold sifting (you can make a gold coin!) and then another highlight, the imagination rooms. Including but not limited to a bakery, jail, veterinarian hospital, nursery, post office, these rooms really set you up for some serious make believe.  My little ones spend tons of time here, especially taking care of the many “injured” stuffed animals in the vet hospital. Multiple injections, medicine overdoses and yards of bandages later, all were saved. 🙂

Upstairs is also the area where birthday parties are held. Loads of tables close to the imagination rooms set with juice and balloons projected a busy day ahead for the Legenduria staff. Not cheap at 112 EUR + 9,50 per person but it sure does save a mess at home.

Last thing to note is the baby area. Fairly good sized, bright and somewhat surreal due to the music and very slowly moving and padded play machines this would not top my list unless you have an adventurous older sibling and need to bring baby along for the ride.

Please note we did not check out the stag and hen party options including lasershooting, bowling, zorb ball and LED bowling. Par-tay!

So overall, a great option for a fun destination with your three year old and up. Probably most fun for 4 – 8 year olds. Awesome that it is open on Sundays and a safe bet for party fun if you don’t mind the cost. Arrive early to make the most of the space and don’t forget to make believe.


King of the (bouncy) castle
Full of idees
Really soft play – baby area
Par-tay time
Use your imagination



Bababoo Ballerina turns three – WOW

Ballerina birthday party - coming up!
Ballerina birthday party – coming up!

It is truly incredible to see this amazing preschooler walking around the house. She has big feet, loves to jump and sing and has seriously strong opinions about her hair style. My daughter is growing up! The original inspiration and often documented subject of Life of Bear and Dragon, bababoo is turning into a kid and downright awesome person right before my very eyes.

We celebrated the big #3 this weekend and now I am happy to share some at home snaps with you. 🙂

Thank you for your sweet hugs and kisses my sugar bean. I can’t wait to get started on this next year (already dubbed the year of “why”, if you know what I mean). Let’s see what beautiful adventures we can have together.

Taking time to chill with little brother
Taking time to chill with little brother
Sweet hug or attempt to gain control over the iPad? You decide.
Sweet hug or attempt to gain control over the iPad? You decide.
Party time!
Party time!
Face painting :)
Face painting 🙂
Sorry...when are my friends arriving?
Sorry…when are my friends arriving?
Time for a ride
Time for a ride
And always there is cake
And always there is cake
Oh Zuzana <3
Hair still in place! Oh Zuzana ❤
Happy Birthday sweet bean!
Happy Birthday sweet bean!