Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Sledding in Parc de Woluwe

Let this be you

Holy hot (cool) tip! Snow in Brussels is typically a meager affair. A light sprinkling here and there, quickly dissolved by traffic or rain. Boo! So this week when big, fat snowflakes started to fall, I wasn’t holding my breathe for a continuation of the white winter I had been enjoying to date. However, Holy Crap! We have actual snow. So exciting, so lush, so slippery.

Today I was minding my own business, riding Tram 39/44 down Tervueren when I looked to the right to one of my favorite parks, Parc de Woluwe and what should I see but a winter wonderland complete with THE perfect hill for sledding. WHAT?! I had to jump off at the next stop (Jules Cesar) and snap some pictures.

Ah, if only bababoo was a little older we would have been all over that! Kids, adults, dogs: everyone seemed to be having the time of their life. So my advice: go forth and sled! Bring your cardboard/sled/garbage bag and sled down an awesome hill just past the Embassy row on Avenue Tervueren. Happy, happy sledding!!

Where: Parc de Woluwe: take Tram 39 or 44 from Montgomery. Or drive. Or walk

When: While the sun shines and the snow holds

Why: Sledding is awesome!

The slopes de woluwe
Seriously Bob, this water is REALLY hard
Hitting the Brussels slopes

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