Welcome little man


Mr Boy FB-5

Its fall again and I love it. I had a wonderful afternoon working my way through this wonderful session. Although technically a newborn session, I love the way it tells the story of the whole family as they welcome this sweet boy into their fold. Welcome, Treten! Mr Boy FB-2Mr Boy FB-3Mr Boy FBMr Boy FB-4Mr Boy FB-6Mr Boy FB-7Mr Boy FB-8Mr Boy FB-9

Dancing in Light


Leaps and Bounds
Leaps and Bounds

Sweden has become a home away from home. The place I was married, where my children have celebrated every Christmas, and a home base of sorts while San Francisco remains so far away. This summer found us indulging in truly lazy days. Swimming, walking, eating and “chillaxing” as my little ones put it.

Sweden is also a place full of inspiration. We did several fun sessions but this one is my favorite. Water, wildflowers and golden light as the sun dipped down. I marveled to see how my little ones have grown. This session also felt bittersweet, missing a beloved family member, as we lost my father-in-law to cancer this summer. His absence explains the somewhat melancholy mood with my son summing it up perfectly, “I miss Farfar”.

So delight in the sun and seize each chance for love while we dance in the light.

Dancing in light
Happy man
Dancing in light-3
Circle of love
Dancing in light-4
The elder
Dancing in light-6
Golden Girl
Dancing in light-7
Holding things together
Dancing in light-8
Dancing in light-10
This is us now
Dancing in light-12
Dancing in light-14
Dancing in light-15
Missing you
Dancing in light-16
Do even ask!
Dancing in light-17
Dancing in light-18
Min man
Dancing in light-19
Dancing in light-20


Apple Harvest: Its that time again

apples 21

It has been a bittersweet year but beautiful summer. The little ones are growing and we spent the summer taking long walks, chilly swims and eating way too many cookies up in Sweden (pictures to come!).

As summer ripes, so do the Apples in my favorite orchard and I am so excited to return once more for the Apple Harvest session.

Date to be released shortly but think end of August, early September. Some gorgeous pictures from last year to get you excited. 🙂

apples 28
On the move
apples 26
Hello up there
apples 6
The fashion plate
apples 5
apples 4
apples 3
Apple picking
apples 2 kiss
apples 2
For a ride
Looking up


The Best Places of All: Groenendaal

Groenendaal blog
A touch of magic

Sometimes everything just comes together. A beautiful evening, a playful and relaxed family and a gorgeous location. Groenendaal is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for photo sessions. We visit every season, whether to spot mushrooms and wildflowers, to throw sticks in the ponds or to marvel at bubbles trapped in ice.

The wild open space is perfect for a photo session with its ancient beech forests, long lakes and wide meadows. Great at any time of day but best at the golden hour, of course!

Groenendaal blog-6
Groenendaal blog-4
Little girl in the big world
Groenendaal blog-3
Lovely you
Groenendaal blog-5
Groenendaal blog-8
The moments with you and me
Groenendaal blog-7
Groenendaal blog-9
How it all began
Groenendaal blog-10
My hero

Sunset days: A love letter to summer light


The man inside

Summer stretches into fall and even with the gorgeous weather and sunshine, it is clear that summer days are behind us. Its been a busy one but now a little break to go through these sweet images captures in yes, my favorite wheat field new our home. Enjoy!

Love and Laughter
Sweet girl
So serious
Lost in the sea
Babies of family
The most handsome
Wild heart
, ❤

Newborns these days

Brussels newborn photographer-24

I simply love working with new babies and new families. Whether you are welcoming your first or fourth baby, there is something so lovely about these first days as your heart grows and you learn to love each other and each other’s presence.

Although they are often called newborn sessions, I prefer to call them new family sessions because there is so much richness and beauty beyond just the sweet babe. We always involve the whole family. Mother, father, siblings, grandparents. I have even hosted dogs and cats in the studio. 🙂

When you arrive for your newborn session, we take time to pick from the many lovely knits and fabrics, simple but elegant props I have on hand on the studio. I love it when parents bring in a meaningful blanket or soft toy that we can incorporate. We follow the mood of the baby, stopping when feeding or cuddles are needed.

Over the course of a newborn session we usually work in 5 – 6 settings for the baby and then move into family pictures. I hope to capture the sweetness of your family and the sense of coming adventure together.

Continuing my “these days” series, I am happy to share Newborns these days with the lovely Emma who joined her mom, dad, grand mother and big brother for this relaxed and joyful session.

Wrapped up in you
Wrapped up in you
Brussels newborn photographer-3
Brussels newborn photographer-4
Brussels newborn photographer-5
A little color
Brussels newborn photographer-6
And some smiles
Brussels newborn photographer-7
Here to watch over you
Brussels newborn photographer-8
Eyes wide open
Brussels newborn photographer-9
For some sweet kisses
Brussels newborn photographer-10
Some love from Dad
Brussels newborn photographer-11
Happy days
Brussels newborn photographer-12
Here we are
Brussels newborn photographer-13
Three generations
Brussels newborn photographer-14
Brussels newborn photographer-15
Brussels newborn photographer-16
And a vistor. 🙂
Brussels newborn photographer-17
Bed cuddles
Brussels newborn photographer-18
Brussels newborn photographer-19
Brussels newborn photographer-20
Simple and sweet
Brussels newborn photographer-21
Curley que
Brussels newborn photographer-22
Precious pieces
Brussels newborn photographer-23
Brussels newborn photographer
Love grows here


Babies these days

Sweet baby blog-20

Its hard to believe that I have been in the “new” studio space for seven months already and have seen two seasons come and go. Welcome to summer! It really has turned out to be everything I could wish for. Full of light, joy and sweetness. The sessions I have held there really show these qualities. I realize it has been a while since I shared a more comprehensive view of what sessions are like these days. As a photographer my style is always evolving and in a new space, double so. Thus I am now starting a “these days” series to give you a fuller view of  what one session can entail.

This lovely family contacted me to capture the one year milestone for their sweet baby. They wanted to really capture her personality, joyful spirit and themselves together. I love this age and we jumped right in with a game of throwing balloons off the bed. Something that all one years olds excel at. 🙂 After a while we moved into the studio room for some sweet moments playing with momma and papa and more fun and games. We tired her out for sure but all in the name of good fun.

Happy birthday baby girl. You have the most beautiful smile. ♥

Sweet baby blog-4
Sweet baby blog-6
The sweetest smile
Sweet baby blog-7
Sweet baby blog-9
Sweet baby blog-12
Sweet baby blog-14
Sweet baby blog-15
Sweet baby blog-17
These wonderful days
Sweet baby blog-24
Sweet baby blog-25
Sweet baby blog-30
Sweet baby blog-31
The star
Sweet baby blog
And laugh and laugh

The best places of all: The Coloma Rose Garden

Adventures in the rose garden blog-3

New favorite location alert! I do love summer, ripe peaches, warm days, lazy afternoons and bright evenings. But photographically speaking, in Belgium, it can be a bit…green. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice green forest but if you really want some color, it is necessary to go far afield to find some.

That is until the Coloma Rose Garden in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw popped up on my radar. Located just south of Brussels, this sprawling park has all the Brussels classics; long waterways, a beautiful 16th century manor home, extensive gardens and quirky features like a straight out of a fairytale wishing well. Home to more than 3,000 rose varieties from 26 countries. We spent the whole morning discovering one garden after the next.

You can cruise around, explore, and play. There is an interactive museum which was closed when we were there but I have read is very intereting. If you get tired or hungry there is a sweet looking Bistro called de Koetsier in the middle of the grounds. If you prefer something sweet then check out the Cremerie at Gaasbeek. Only 10 minutes further and hands down best ice cream in the greater Brussels region. Yum!

But I digress (sugar distracted much?)…this is a gorgeous photo location if you crave some summer colors, classic landscapes and romantic nooks to play and cuddle in. Perfect for engagement, maternity and family sessions.

Adventures in the rose garden blog-2
Adventures in the rose garden blog-4
Come on mom!
Adventures in the rose garden blog-5
Adventures in the rose garden blog-6
Adventures in the rose garden blog-7
My little heart
Adventures in the rose garden blog-8
Adventures in the rose garden blog-9
I’m wishing…
Adventures in the rose garden blog-10
I’m wishing, for the one I love
Adventures in the rose garden blog-11
Wishing well
Adventures in the rose garden blog-13
Adventures in the rose garden blog-14
little man-2
little man
Future flower lover
Adventures in the rose garden blog-15
Onward march!

2018 Adventure session: Botanical

La dee da

I have fallen in love with the Botanical Gardens in Meise. Located just northwest of Brussels, the garden rolls out before you on this huge property. There is a castle (obviously!), walking paths lines with flowers and a huge range of plant life, a small cafe and of course the highlight, the green house. The greenhouse was built in 1853 and contains a huge variety of plant species. Over 18,000 which represents 6% of the world’s know plant species. The collection is one of the biggest in the world and is organized by geography and environments including the African Savana, the jungle, the desert and on and one. If you think you are just going to show up and look at plants then you are in for a pleasant surprise. It really is a joy to explore.

Being in this gorgeous surrounding I could not help but be inspired. With luck, I am now in the process of organizing a very special Adventure session inside the green house. Dates to come. 🙂 I am happy to share some of our images from out last little adventure there. Looking at these pictures nearly gave me a heart attack. My god how these children have grown!

In the jewel house
Sweet and spiky 😉
The devilish one
Mirror me
Madame Butterfly
Us three