Leksand Landscapes, aka frost is beautiful


Can you tell I am catching up on A LOT of photo editing 🙂 After five Christmases in Sweden, I must say that it is beginning to feel a lot like home. Even though it is so very dark (sunrise at 9:00 and sundown around 3:30), it somehow feels very bright and beautiful. i especially love taking long walks in the forest. Have to burn off all that Christmas beer somehow right?

Although only gone a week, here is a somewhat nostalgic post of the fabulous landscapes deep in the heart of Sweden.

Feel the glow
Let’s fika – a delightful Swedish tradition
True love lasts forever aka I have the most amazing in-laws
Walk the line – the fence on the right is traditional to Dalarna. The one on the left isn’t. 🙂
Frost is beautiful
Super bad ass Volvo truck. This thing must be 100 years old. It is made of wood…
Let’s ride
Always Zoe

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