Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Domaine Solvay at La Hulpe


On this grey morning, we take a trip all the way back to September. Fresh air, almost too bright sun and a lovely walk in one of my favorite parks, Domaine Solvay at La Hulpe. Located about 25 minutes southeast from the center of Brussels, La Hulpe is one of those special places that are so close in proximity and yet so far away in feeling. A short drive or bus ride and suddenly you are walking along and breathing in old forest among rolling hills. You know the type of forest where you could imagine a knight riding by on a horse, or Robin Hood swinging down out of a tree. Just close your eyes for a moment. Wait, not yet! Close them and take a deep breath through your nose. Smell the crispness in the air, the richness of the soil and the sweetness of the grass. Now you are almost there.


We had the pleasure of a deep September afternoon adventure with some friends. Bababoo was packed in her Ergobaby carrier and I was ready, camera in hand. Cruising around the lakes and hills had me drooling. Can you say perfect outdoor photo shoot location?! After our strolling (and drooling) was complete, we hiked up to Chateau Solvay. Seriously, what does this family NOT own around here? Behind the chateau is a charming little restaurant with lots of outdoor seating, a nice menu of sandwiches, salads and warmer fare. Also an interesting beer list (if you are into that sort of thing). 🙂

We finished up by sitting on the lawn and taking in the other fall revelers and nearby pastures. There is plenty of room for the kids to roam and play. Bababoo stuck to crawling practice but hopefully the next time we go, when spring blooms, she will be up and running. Enjoy!





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