Mary, where art though


I admit it, I am a Sablon enthusiast. Sure it might be obvious but between the antique shops (jeweler shops), Parc Egmont, and weekend market, I am hooked. However, dropping down into the main square this week, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a sudden shock of light and color. There she was in all her glory, Mary! I have never before seen the light stealing through a church stained glass window in such an arresting way. A thump, thump in my heart and I wondered for a moment if my angels, Granny and Nona, were shining especially bright today.

3 thoughts on “Mary, where art though

  1. Still having trouble with the websiteL I would have commented, beautiful surreal picture and if Mary inspired thought of granny and nona, then those thoughts became a reality. Therefore, one could make the leap that there is a link between the spiritual world and the world as we know it. A link of communication which you experienced. Hence, the spiritual became real.

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