The Best Places of All: Groenendaal

Groenendaal blog
A touch of magic

Sometimes everything just comes together. A beautiful evening, a playful and relaxed family and a gorgeous location. Groenendaal is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for photo sessions. We visit every season, whether to spot mushrooms and wildflowers, to throw sticks in the ponds or to marvel at bubbles trapped in ice.

The wild open space is perfect for a photo session with its ancient beech forests, long lakes and wide meadows. Great at any time of day but best at the golden hour, of course!

Groenendaal blog-6
Groenendaal blog-4
Little girl in the big world
Groenendaal blog-3
Lovely you
Groenendaal blog-5
Groenendaal blog-8
The moments with you and me
Groenendaal blog-7
Groenendaal blog-9
How it all began
Groenendaal blog-10
My hero

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