Newborns these days

Brussels newborn photographer-24

I simply love working with new babies and new families. Whether you are welcoming your first or fourth baby, there is something so lovely about these first days as your heart grows and you learn to love each other and each other’s presence.

Although they are often called newborn sessions, I prefer to call them new family sessions because there is so much richness and beauty beyond just the sweet babe. We always involve the whole family. Mother, father, siblings, grandparents. I have even hosted dogs and cats in the studio. πŸ™‚

When you arrive for your newborn session, we take time to pick from the many lovely knits and fabrics, simple but elegant props I have on hand on the studio. I love it when parents bring in a meaningful blanket or soft toy that we can incorporate. We follow the mood of the baby, stopping when feeding or cuddles are needed.

Over the course of a newborn session we usually work in 5 – 6 settings for the baby and then move into family pictures. I hope to capture the sweetness of your family and the sense of coming adventure together.

Continuing my “these days” series, I am happy to share Newborns these days with the lovely Emma who joined her mom, dad, grand mother and big brother for this relaxed and joyful session.

Wrapped up in you
Wrapped up in you
Brussels newborn photographer-3
Brussels newborn photographer-4
Brussels newborn photographer-5
A little color
Brussels newborn photographer-6
And some smiles
Brussels newborn photographer-7
Here to watch over you
Brussels newborn photographer-8
Eyes wide open
Brussels newborn photographer-9
For some sweet kisses
Brussels newborn photographer-10
Some love from Dad
Brussels newborn photographer-11
Happy days
Brussels newborn photographer-12
Here we are
Brussels newborn photographer-13
Three generations
Brussels newborn photographer-14
Brussels newborn photographer-15
Brussels newborn photographer-16
And a vistor. πŸ™‚
Brussels newborn photographer-17
Bed cuddles
Brussels newborn photographer-18
Brussels newborn photographer-19
Brussels newborn photographer-20
Simple and sweet
Brussels newborn photographer-21
Curley que
Brussels newborn photographer-22
Precious pieces
Brussels newborn photographer-23
Brussels newborn photographer
Love grows here


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