First look: First days at home

home NB blog-16
Something new

When this family first contacted me, they wanted something special. Being a photographer herself, Christina had the newborn basics covered, but of course often found herself on the business end of the camera instead of in front. Sound familiar? After some discussion, we decided to have a relaxed at home session which documented the experience of meeting and bringing home her second son. Nothing posed or using props, just life as it is.

Only five days after birth, on a bright June afternoon, we had a chance to capture some of these special moment of being home, now as a family of four. I so enjoyed being a part of this beautiful relaxed family. I hope you do to!

home NB blog
Big brother
home NB blog-2
Curly toes
home NB blog-3
home NB blog-4
home NB blog-5
home NB blog-6
Mirror me
home NB blog-7
home NB blog-8
home NB blog-9
Little lashes
home NB blog-10
At home
home NB blog-11
Mother’s helper
home NB blog-12
Some quiet time
home NB blog-13
home NB blog-14
home NB blog-15
Happy days


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