Something for the angels: Baby loss and remembrance photography

Baby loss vertical

Its a beautiful day and sometimes when I look out of my window on breezy, sunny days like this it takes me to a bittersweet feeling of those we have lost. The Bear and I recently realized that quite against the natural order of things, the last two funerals we have attended have been for two babies under two. The cruelest and most unfair and unexplainable loss of all.

This summer, I started to think about how I could use my abilities to help more. At the same time, someone asked about resources for those suffering traumatic loss at birth. All at once I knew this is what I could do to help my community. I began researching and training in the specialized field of “angel photography”, photographing families and babies born sleeping through the international organization, Now I Lay me Down to Sleep.

I reached out at this time to Jo Everett, the founder and midwife at Antenatal & Baby, a well respected Brussels organization that supports families in pre and postnatal phases. Jo was immediately receptive to the idea as it was completely missing in the Brussels environment. After a string of tragedies, three babies born sleeping in three months, we knew we needed to get organized fast.

Today, a small team has been assembled to respond rapidly in cases of baby loss. Two midwifes, a doctor, a reverend and chaplain, me and soon a grief counselor all acting on a voluntary basis. Though I know it will be difficult, I also know that my difficulty will be completely insignificant to that of the families and that the gift of this supportive group could be just one small way to provide information, comfort, support, and memories.

I am sharing this now in hopes that information will be disseminated and should a loss occur, that these resources will be utilized. You can find information about how to contact us here.

I dedicate my part in this effort to the two angels in my life, Matthias and Leo. Don’t forget to hug your babies today.

2 thoughts on “Something for the angels: Baby loss and remembrance photography

  1. Thank you Nicole,
    I was going to train to be a grief and support counselor back in the UK after two losses, I have two more since living in Belgium. I am truly blessed with two beautiful boys now.

    If I can help in any way then please let me know.

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