Things to do with a Baby or Toddler in Brussels: Check out a toy at the Ludothèque communale d’Ixelles

Helloooo up there
Helloooo up there

It is just too beautiful out today. Exactly the kind of day that you just want to spend outside. But this next baby and toddler hot spot will have you scanning the weather report for any hint of clouds. Just enough to give you an excuse to stay inside and play.

I have written before about the ludotheque in Etterbeek. Having lived in Etterbeek and with a tiny slice of Etterbeekois pride, it pains me to say that the ludtheque in Ixelles is seriously kicking our ass. Located in a breezy neighborhood a stone’s throw from Square Ferdinand Cocq, this ludotheque is chalk-full of new, bright and shiny toys. Lots of options for play from an extensive train collection, up and downstairs playhouse, loads of lovely frocks and dresses for make believe and the mother of all crawling tunnels (see happy face snail below). I was really impressed to say the least.

There is a bit of admin to get started. Upon proof of residence in Belgium, but not necessarily Ixelles, you can get your yearly membership card for 10 EUR. This card entitles you to as much free play time as you like as well as the right to borrow toys and games from the ludotheque for between 1 – 2,50 EUR. Don’t forget to return your toys within 1 – 3 weeks or you start accruing late fees. Also don’t put them away in your closet and forget about them for nine months and end up with a fine 10x the value of the toys (lesson learned the hard way, thank you…).

Next time the clouds descend, get yourself over to Ixelle, get a cookie at Sucre Sale and play play play. Cheers!

Where: Rue Mercelis, 13-1050 Brussels


  • Tuesday from 10h to 12h and 13h to 17h
  • Wednesday from 13h to 18h
  • Thursday from 13h to 17h
  • Friday from 10h to 13h and 14h to 18h (for 10 years)
  • Saturday from 10h to 13h
Chevaliers, pirates and indians, oh my!
Chevaliers, pirates and indians, oh my!
Are you a mouse or a bee?
Are you a mouse or a bee?
My partner in crime <3
My partner in crime ❤
Self portrait
Self portrait
Happy faces
Happy faces

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