Things to do with a kid in Brussels: Climb, roll and race at Planet Kid’s

Checking out the field
Checking out the field

Its cold, its dark but somehow these kids still demand to be entertained. The nerve! Why don’t they want to curl up with tea and a good book or the latest Oscar contender and wait for longer days like me?

Now placed under these unreasonable demands we were forced to look further afield. Sunday indoor play options are next to non-existent but one recommendation caught my eye. Acting on a tip from Nicola Tunks (among others) we decided to give Planet Kids a chance.

Located out in Sterrebeek, Planet Kids is housed in an unassuming white building that resembles an old farm house. Being a dreary winter Sunday, it was packed to the gills with marauding kids and merry makers. There is an indoor and outdoor section. The outdoor seemed to be dominated by a go-cart track (mental note for a couple of years and more degrees from now). Indoor had a really cool indoor labyrinth that is sure to challenge your little person. Climbing, rolling, swinging, you name it. The labyrinth areas were organized by age but we found that the one for the little ones was still dominated by less than gentle older kids. You can join your kids in the up to 4 year play area but after that they are on their own!

One big feature of Planet Kids is that you can bring the family, let them play, and relax and enjoy a coffee or beer in the open area cafe. Many seemed to be taking this approach. There is also a special area for birthday parties and while we were there, an extended Happy Birthday tune was celebrated.

Although a separate playground for babies is  advertised, it  was pretty basic and definitely not a destination for those who can’t yet enjoy the climbing maze.

The prognosis? A solid weekend destination for 3 – 4 year olds and super awesome one for 5+. If you go with your little one, make sure to stay close to make sure they don’t get overwhelmed by the big kids. For your long winter Sundays, this is definitely an option. A challenging place to take some pictures but I gave it a try! Climb on.

The baby area highlight
The baby area highlight
Something for them, something for you
Something for them, something for you
On a roll
On a roll

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