In celebration of momma

At play
At play

Is it almost Mother’s Day in your country? In the US and many others, this Sunday is a day to celebrate the wonderfulness that is the momma or mommas in your life. Usually this means sleeping in, breakfast in bed, special cards or a present and maybe even something sweet.

One thing I hear from almost all my momma clients is “I am always behind the camera. There are almost no pictures of me and my kids!”. I hear you momma, it is the same here. What could be a better way to capture this moment than a photo session with your little ones. I know I am going to be putting the big camera in the hands of the Bear and hoping for the best. If you are a hint dropper, its not too late. Hope to see you in the studio, great outdoors or your home soon. For some inspiration, I present some sweet, hardworking ladies of the mom persuasion. 🙂

Momma's  momma
Momma’s momma
From a safe place
From a safe place
The girls
The girls
The sweet moments
The sweet moments
Momma love
Momma love

2 thoughts on “In celebration of momma

  1. Hi

    I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a session with you to take some photos of my family ( myself, my husband and our 2 daughters who are 2 and 5). We were wondering whether we could book for sometime in July, but wanted to check first if you were likely to be around as so many people leave for the summer. If you’re not around in July, maybe late may/ June could work?

    I look forward to gearing from you!

    Many thanks

    Kate Fay


  2. I love you my Punk Angel. You are a joy, and you are a wonderful mother. I would like to receive one of those pictures taken by your loving husband. Happy Mothers Day!! P.S. This mothers day you get twice the love.
    Rosefire – love with devotion
    Firethorn – love for eternity
    Rosethorn – where love grows

    IN THE HEART. Forever and always your Momma

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