On the passage of time: First look maternity and newborn with Amanda, Herbert and Dunkin

The new

It is sometimes the case that the passage of time seems to slow (stop?) in these long dark days of February. As we cuddle up inside, I look for evidence that time is in fact moving on. Nothing tells the story of progress, bright future and all that is right with the world than a new family in the making and the excitement of a new little person discovering the world.

This morning I share the story of a beautiful couple who welcomed their first son on New Years Day. We met first in the fall for a maternity photo session in the Botanical Gardens in Meise. Impossible to go wrong with fall leaves and a castle as the backdrop.

We met again in early January for beautiful newborn session with one of the most well behaved young gentlemen I have had the pleasure to meet.

Please accept this proof that warm days, picnics, strawberries and peaches are in fact on their way.

One fall day
On an adventure
All the love
Sweetest boy
Welcome my son
Oh what adventures we will have

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