And we’re back!

Summer time and the livins’ easy

Ahh summer holidays. We had a fantastic time on Gran Canaria with three weeks of sun, play, naps and relaxation. A lovely 200 year old farm house set the scene and kept us mostly away from the tourist beach crowds (mostly). We were thrilled to find it fully equipped with more toys than you can imagine, a pool, trampoline and vegetable patch where we pick strawberries each afternoon.

Excited to get back to work with a newborn session and a bunch of family photo shoots out in the Parc. Time to take advantage of the full bloom of summer!

Hope your summer break was relaxing and fill with love and laughter like ours.

Ready for action
Good morning!
Time to wake up
Angel in waiting
Let your light shine in
Fashion plate

2 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Love the pictures… Where in gran canaria were you? I’m always looking for good tips for kid friendly holidays 🙂

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