Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Cook & Book

The couches also make excellent horsies

Well its cold outside…still. Plans for a park picnic no longer make sense so what to do for a fun day out? Today we turn to Cook & Book. After getting recommendations from several people to check out this booky paradise, we finally made it down. Why did I wait!?

Cook and Book is a massive book store with several “kitchens” turning out excellent cuisine ranging from salads and soup, pastas, asian and classic Belgian. Everything we tried was delicious and fairly baby friendly. Booster and baby seats kept bababoo comfortable.

After lunch we ventured into the book sections. I must admit I have a severe weakness for beautiful books. Bababoo seems to be following suit. So we hit up the kids section. The layout was friendly for adult and baby perusal. After careful consideration, we went home three books richer.

Though we did not make it there, I understand the youth section (non-English) is gorgeous with toys, books and play space. Cook & Book hosts many storytelling events that sounds really lovely, especially for the slightly older set.


A classic reading space
cook (1 of 1)-3
Chat and read
cook (1 of 1)-4
yes we do

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