Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Playdate at Baboes

Through the looking glass

Given my love of well stocked playrooms, it is somewhat of a mystery why I just now made it down to Baboes. Organized by the Flemish community but open to all, Baboes is another great place to get out of the house and enjoy some good company with the little one. Targeted towards kids 0 – 4, there are several play spaces. Some for the really small set, and several for the older. My personal favorite is the ball pit, yes, a ball pit! With a slide! Just looking at that sea of little green balls transports me back in time to my own childhood. Wonderful.

Opening hours are geared towards the morning. Oh yeah, THAT’S why we haven’t been much, but one day a week they are open in the afternoon.

There are two locations, one in St Catherine and one near Gare Midi (Nieuwland). The Nieuwland location is newer and really lovely inside but I must confess, rather scary to walk to. I don’t think I will head back that way. The St Catherine location is convenient by metro and to some of my favorite restaurants. Thank you very much.

Please enjoy this lovely space!

How much: Free

When: Open Tuesday mornings (8.45am to 1pm), Wednesday afternoons (12.30pm to 4.30pm), Thursday afternoons (1pm to 5pm) and Saturday mornings (9.30am to 12.30pm).

Toys ❤
The deep, green sea
Welcome to Baboes

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