The most wonderful year

Hello my pretty…

It is hard to believe but it is one year ago today that our little angel came into the world. It really has been the most wonderful year. Bababoo has an amazing happy spirit and fills each day with light. She is my most beautiful adventure. Happy birthday Zoe!

So how do we celebrate such a momentous day? The only way we know how, by shoving chocolate cupcakes into our mouth. Behold, the cake smash.

Oh my!
I can stop at any time, I swear
My precious
It wasn’t me
Sugar rush!

8 thoughts on “The most wonderful year

  1. The birthday girl is absolutely beautiful, pics are fantastic, sugar rush looks like great fun and I love the dress:) A princess indeed!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow little princess, love you.

  2. Now, don’t you go and get a cupcake tummy ache little Sugar Britches! You are so adorable. Sweet birthday kisses and hugs from Auntie Vicki. Tell Mummy her pictures are absolutely stunning!

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