Lights, camera, action! Introducing Bear & Dragon Photography Studio,

Bear loves Dragon

The lights are up, the cloths hung, photo objects sorted: We are up and ready for business! I am oh so proud to share a first look at Bear & Dragon Studio. Amazing light, 4 meter ceilings and a clean white look to keep those rays of sunshine bouncing. The have six gorgeous families in the studio this week so stay tuned. TA DA!

Fashion plates
Soft lovelies for the little ones
Glorious light makes laughter bright
A space to relax and reflect
You are welcome
Lights, camera, action!

5 thoughts on “Lights, camera, action! Introducing Bear & Dragon Photography Studio,

  1. Good Afternoon Darling, your “set” looks wonderful and invititing. I just know that you will be successful as you always are once your mind is set. I never knew i had a proffessional photographer in the house along with your other talents. Best of luck in this endeavor. Love you, Dad

  2. Best of luck, Nicole. I know you will do well. Your pictures are awesome and once your pictures are shared, you’ll be swamped!

  3. Congratulations Nicole!!! 😉 your new photo studio looks fantastic and I wish you a lot of happy clients;) take care, Jana&Frank&Tara xxx

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