Love kills cancer

Play, love, laugh

Over the holidays I had the extreme privilege of taking portraits of a family living its way through cancer. Johan is almost like family to us and I am grateful that I was invited to spend the afternoon with this incredible and kind family.

A beautiful love story and now many years and six kids later, they nestled in for the holidays to celebrate life, love and family. In our thoughts and prayers too.

Update: Bengt passed on February 9, 2013 surrounded by his family. I am proud to have met him.

All smiles

2 thoughts on “Love kills cancer

  1. So very beautiful and touching. Thank you for doing this for us and thank you for your kind words. With your photos you have given our family wonderful lasting memories.

  2. We were so pleased living next to your family for so many years. We loved seeing your children grow up. AoI

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