Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Maison Ouverte

Open house

The rain falls softly…I must be back in Brussels! It is great to be back and in the swing of things. Christmas promptly came down, food back in the refrigerator and Bababoo and I headed out for a little “us time”. For today, we made our second trip to a wonderful playroom called Maison Ouverte. Located in Woluwe Saint Lambert, Maison Ouverte is an open play space based on the idea that children need a place to socialize and have fun, while still having a parent or carer present in order to smooth the transition to a creche. With our creche debute coming up in April, I am ready to try anything!

Maison Ouverte is quickly becoming our “go to” place. Here are a couple reasons why:

Really beautiful space with lots of new and varied toys: This is officially our testing ground before making a new toy purchase.

Something for everyone: There is a lovely space for the 2 – 6 months set. It is set away a bit and filled with soft lovely toys. Zoe loves it too but if you worry about those older ruffians bulldozing your gentle baby, you are safe here. Also great secret spaces, big toys and a sink (trust me, its a super hit) for the mobile ones.

Excellent staff: Somehow you can just tell that the ladies who work here really love what they are doing. And how could you not.

Convenient by metro: Just a 3 minute walk from Gribaumont. Also tram connections.

Strong coffee: Hey, I like coffee

Sheesh, it was just a matter of time before I made a bullet pointed list on this blog. Well, you can’t beat that! Seriously though, check it out and enjoy.

Where: 251 Ave Georges-Henri, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels 1200

When: Almost every day of the week! Monday to Friday 14:00-18:00. Excluding school holidays, Saturdays from 10:00 -13:00.

How much: Just 3 EUR.

Some like it strong
Almost at the big girls table
You have a phone call
Adventure face

5 thoughts on “Things to do with a baby in Brussels: Maison Ouverte

  1. Sign me up for tea time at Maison Ouverte; I can be there in about 16 hours:) Zoe is probably getting a call from a Baby Einstein looking for that next article for publishing on the issue of Clever Baby, Curious Baby. She already authored and starred in Cute Baby, but that was so last month.

  2. Great article! Could you tell me exactly how to get there though? I went yesterday with my baby, and I was standing at the exact address but didn’t see a door or sign anywhere for La Maison Ouverte. The address led me to Ecole Van Meyer, a day care of something. Thanks for your help,

  3. Hi Jennifer, I had trouble finding it the first time too. Across the street from Ecole Van Meyer there is a brick building and Maison Ouverte is behind that. If you go behind the building, there is a little parking lot and then a sign for Maison Ouverte. Enjoy!

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