Deep winter hope


When the joy and ruckus of the holidays dies down, you have two choices. Settle in for a cable knit sweater-wearing, hot chocolate-having, Iron and Wine-listening hibernation or your can get out there and start imagining what spring will hold. While I like to take both in equal amounts, today fell into the latter column as I had a chance to take a lovely walk in the semi-melting snow in middle-Sweden.

When we first arrived in Leksand, it was snowing with a steady whisper. More like ashes somehow. Each morning we would consult the thermometer and remark, “oh its 7 degrees”. As in MINUS 7 degrees but now the minus is so obvious it doesn’t even bear mentioning. Anyhow, about four days ago, it turned positive much to everone’s suprise, so our mounds of snow have become hard, icy moguls.

In this settling I had a little wander on my own. Everywhere I looked, I saw the echos of coming spring. I loved it! Winter has its moments but as we know I prize transition above all. Please enjoy these hints of things to come.

Feathering the nest
What remains
Lynx shadow
Sitting on the dock of a bay
Meet me at the shoreline
Waiting for spring

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