The Favorites List: Pépin la Lune

One day I will…

Ooh la la, what a lovely place to dream a little dream. I first stumbled onto this treasure after Sabloning (seriously, this should be a verb) and headed down for a little wander in the general direction of Gare Centrale. When to my delight, I saw the first hints of a whimsical shop just begging to be shopped.


Inside you will find a wide range from vintage children’s furniture, some toys, clothes, and art. I am seriously considering buying one of the heart breakingly lovely duvets of a circus with a bear riding a tricycle even though bababoo is sure to not need a bed that big for at least a couple more years.

Pépin la Lune has some of the sweetest things! A bold combination of new, vintage and just plain fun merchandise makes it always a pleasure to partake. You must be thinking, “Wow, I wonder how much free stuff Nicole gets here.” I swear it is nothing! I just hope you have the chance to check it out. If you are like me and still lacking some presents for the little person (yours or someone elses) then stop by. A little on the pricey side but just right when you are looking for that special something.

Thank you Pépin la Lune!

Yes, this is my dream bed!
The taste maker

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