Christmas cards complete!


Had a fabulous time photographing my little Bababoo and making our Christmas cards. Got alot of wonderful smiles. Turns out my fake sneezing is hilarious. 🙂 Which one is your favorite?

We are off to my native land of California tomorrow. Wish me luck on that 11 hour flight. I am loaded down with toys and snacks and don’t expect much sleep. Stay tuned for some backlogged posts when I am back: music classes, the best hot chocolate in Brussels and a happening brunch place (it does exist) great for kids.




4 thoughts on “Christmas cards complete!

  1. Heya, I like the last one the best as Z is seemingly saying, now what do I wish Santa would bring me?? Great smiles, wonderful pics!!

    Eow, I am praying for you as you make that jaunt to your homeland and you need powerful prayers😱. Good luck🍀

    Please text me pics when you are in Cali. Love all pics!

    We are off to the hill country tomorrow; however , traveling as a passenger, whilst drinking a brew, makes my trip fun as opposed to a teeth nashing😁.

    I understand Christie is not going to be there, talked to her this morning. She is worn out but did have fun visiting with the lotus racing team.

    Later gator, Sandy

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