A walk through history: Uppsala


My love affair with Sweden is long and varied. My first trip to Europe was to Gothenberg. I joined a Swedish company, met a Swedish Bear. Married said Bear and now have my own little half Swede to boot. There is something about the land, the people and the steady elegance of life that is arresting and comforting all at the same time.

Time lives on a different scale and on this most recent trip, we took a walk through time, through Uppsala in the breathtaking fall glow. The edge of winter clipped along but kept just enough distance.

We walked along the canal and then explored through the Dome. What a gorgeous and quintessentially Swedish church. The outside composed of perfectly ordered red and black bricks. The inside soaring cream ceilings, bright glass and lovely monuments. Even the tomb of Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden (1496 – 1560).

Back outside you find the University (Truth through mercy and nature) founded in 1477 and a small park peppered with Rune Stones. Varsågod!





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