You’re Two!



zoe 2-7
The look

My, my how time flies. My little darling bababoo is TWO. She amazes me every day with her fun spirit, artistic flare, commitment to yellow and pink clothes. She is my joy, my inspiration and the giver of all my future grey hairs. Here are some snaps to celebrate her second birthday. Love you dear!

zoe 2-6
Everything is coming up tulips
zoe 2-4
I ordered roses…
zoe 2-3
zoe 2-2
Lets get out of here
zoe 2
Where the looks come from

My how they grow

On the look out

Ooh its a grey morning. Looking for some fun inspiration to get going on the day? Check out these awesome kids! I must admit, when Natacha contacted me about a session for four cousins, two aged two and two aged four, I was not sure if the studio could handle that much energy. Well, I had an extra cup of coffee and sure enough, had a blast. 🙂

Great session and so happy to photograph these cousins. Hope they brighten your day as they did mine!

Boys will be boys

The magic of KIDS!

The princess and the pepper pot

Kids! Amazing in so many impressive ways. I have to admit, my personal experience is mainly with babies at the moment but I continue to be blown away by kids. The energy, the fun, the always honest approach to life. 🙂 I have recently had the pleasure of working with lots of these awesome kids in the 2 – 6 set. The enclosed is one of my recent favorites. I just sit back and click, they bring the fabulousness.

Perfect form
In flight
Us girls

A walk in in the Park with the Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprout blog (1 of 1)

Way back in distant memory, I was medium pregnant with Bababoo and wondering how the heck I was going to manage to have and raise a baby in a foreign country. A Google search did not yield much but it did point me in the direction of the Bxl Sprouts blog by expat momma extraordinaire, Sandra Amorim. Lots of great stuff about local resources, child development and reflections on momming in a foreign land.

Fast forward two years and the thought occurred to me, what a great idea to invite the Brussels Sprouts for a photo session. Well we made it happen! Sandra was kind enough to write about our morning on her blog. You can read all about it here!

If you are not yet following the Bxl Sprouts, you should! Its a great read!

Refresh on our Website!

Courtesy of my iPhone. Hey that big camera is heavy!

Hello warm weather revelers. It is GORGEOUS outside. Like actually and truly Gorgeous. So thrilled to get out and enjoy it! This weekend found us out and about in Parc Cinquantenaire and a new favorite, Parc Josaphat (thanks Niina!). A “things to do” post will follow shortly on this little gem.

In other news, we finally updated our website! Refreshed new pictures, family and maternity/newborn galleries are up. Gift certificates on offer. Check it out.

Revel on sun lovers.

First look: Gabriela and Michael

Tickle war

Is scheduling an outdoor session, even in the depths of a wet Brussels summer, possible? Yes! With a sliding schedule for the last two weekends, its hard to tell but now I submit proof. It was a beautiful sunny day when I met Gabriela and Michael out in Parc Woluwe and the result was some beautiful images.

Lucky to find a gorgeous hillside covered in buttercups, we ran around, looked at bugs and generally had a great time. I even had the chance to practice my Swedish with the tri-lingual Michael (these Brussels kids amaze me!). Please enjoy.

Next weekend looks to have some pleasant weather. Drop me a note if you are interested in scheduling an outdoor session to capture this rare but stunning event. 🙂

Show and tell
Make a wish
Sweet Michael

First look: The lovely Lalvanis


Well the weather has turned and even the most reluctant of trees appear to be ready to burst forth with their much anticipated buds and leaves. Is there anyone in Brussels now who is not salivating at the thought of shedding winter coats and hats in favor of sundresses and sandals? Ok, that might be a bit optimistic but you see where I am headed, right?

Luckily the studio is always warm and even more so when families like the lovely Lalvanis stop by. Three year old Milan and three month old Olivia kept us all on our toes and we played, tickled and snapped some photos. This exotic German-Italian/Indian duo lit up the space and I am happy to be able to share some favorites with you.

Sweet smile

First look: Emma and Paul


Nothing could be sweeter than the eager anticipation of a little one waiting for their new brother or sister to arrive. Abounding with hilarious theories for why momma’s belly is so big, what does it mean when your belly button pops out and if the baby can see you from inside there. Paul and Emma joined us in the studio recently to play, brush our teeth (most important photo props for Paul are his favorite red shirt and his tooth brush and paste) and give big hugs and kisses to soon to be born brother, Matthew.

Good times and good luck to the family on the very imminent arrival of baby brother!

Sweet Paul
Brusha, Brusha