10 more days of beautiful

Gentle – Remember when they just fit into the crook of your arm. I do

After a short (eh hem) hiatus, I am happy to bring you even more beautiful. A recap of days 11 – 20

did you feel that
Did you feel that? – It is so much fun waiting for your first baby to arrive. The wonder at the very fact that soon you too will have a little baby to call your very own. This sweet couple embodies everything about that moment. Thrilled, overwhelmed, having fun and in love.
My new favorite toy – This new big brother is a tiny bit into trains… Of course we had to include his new little sister in his favorite track. Here he gives her all the love he’s got until the train rounds the corner
face to face
Face to face – Another simple is beautiful post. Beautiful morning, amazing color and the sweetest smile.
Waiting – Now I share a beautiful mum to be from South Africa. Something about the softness of the light brings me back to those quiet moments of waiting and hoping for the days to speed by so you can meet your first baby
big brother
Across the gap – With a seven year age gap, this big brother has saved up alot of hugs, kisses and advice for his little princess. He just could not stop touching and kissing her! The sweetest boy and the sweetest little sister around.
Let’s play – This is the second time I got to work with these handsome brothers. Here featured in a winner takes all game of peekaboo
When worlds collide – A very special morning session with these beautiful Japanese girls decked out from head to toe in kimonos. It is a tradition in Japan to photograph your children at a shrine to bless their growth. Lacking shrines in Brussels, they decide to capture the combination of cultures that forms their life
just you
It’s you – Sometimes its just you. You are beautiful.
Flow – This photograph was taken towards the end of a really fun session in Parc Woluwe. It is actually based on another photo that the mother saw and loved. It took a bit of work on all sides to get the perfect shot of this lovely and wiggly one year old. Ta da!

Thirty days of beautiful

Simple is beautiful: Beautiful baby, bright clean color and a super smile. Simple is beautiful.

Wow, a month since I last posted. That was a crazy month! Wonderful holidays in Sweden, return to a very busy few weeks with lots of new babies and sweet late summer sessions. Now bababoo restarts school and a collective breath is released across Belgium. Time to catch up. 🙂

I was recently challenged to post 30 pictures in 30 days to show some of my favorite photos. The most fun part in doing this has been thinking about the why. Why do some pictures just stand out as exceptionally beautiful. There is a small conflict in my own family about this very question. The bear tends to favor energetic and beautiful smiles that engage directly with the camera. While I love these as well, I also gravitate toward those that emphasize details or quiet moments where you get to see the other side of a child or relationship. At times the bear looks at one of these photos and says, “that’s a Nicole photo”. Guilty!

Though on my facebook page I am posting a photo each day (only missed two so far!), I plan on putting them together here every 10 days. I hope you enjoy them. The funny, the energetic, the sweet, big and small. To me, they are beautiful.

Anticipation: This summer, the forest floor in Sweden was literally carpeted in heavily laden blueberry bushes. Many a morning were spend on long walks to collect the bounty and afternoons turning them in to treats, eating whole or making all the white in the bowl of vanilla ice cream disappear. Summer days.
On adventure: This sweet couple from Texas contacted me to take their vacation photos to the next level. This beautiful grate covers a shop down by Grand Place. The owner started to lift it as we walked up but was nice enough to give us a couple of extra minutes to capture young love against this very Brussels backdrop. Love
i love
I loved you before we met – I love the softness in their expressions and of course how very much they look alike. Totally at peace.
Laugh riot: Just weeks before her little sister is due to join, Imogen’s family scheduled a photo session to catch them just as they are now and to celebrate her as she is. I love working with grandparents. Here they are in a major tickle attack. smile emoticon
on the day you were born
On the day you were born: One of my favorite books to read my little ones goes, “On the day your were born and I put you to bed, I noticed the crown on top of your head”. This sweet kiss from a new mom reminds me of this passage and all the overwhelming feelings and love in your heart when you first meet your baby.
Peekaboo!: This little red headed rascal playing in the bed. Nuf said!
Quiet: There is no doubt that I love big smiles and big laughs but sometimes the most beautiful pictures come when you don’t even know I am taking one.
Last rays of light: After cruising the backroads in Leksand, Sweden for a couple of days, I finally found this gorgeous wheat field for a special session with my little ones. We borrowed traditional Swedish clothes and waited for the perfect sunset. Here is one of the first of the series. A story about fireflies. More to come. Happy Monday!
Surprise attack!: I love this picture because not only is it of a beautiful family but it comes from playing one of my favorite games, surprise attack! Step one: position unsuspecting parents next to each other and rascally children about 10 meters behind. Step two: On the count of three the kids get to run up and give a surprise hug from behind. They love it and the smiles speak for themselves.